There is always time for one good beer.​​​

Guapito Beer is the first Filipino Beer brand crafted in the Netherlands. From the makers of Luneta Ice Cream, this blond beer offers a fresh new taste for the Filipino palate. Guapito beer is unlike the typical Filipino brands available in the market. It boosts its flavor of natural beer sharpness and yet leaves a soft zest in the end. 

“It is indeed your premium quality beer that is meant to enjoy till the last drop.”

'Guapito Beer’, first Filipino-Dutch craft beer makes way in the Netherlands

Imagine tasting that familiar strong, blond beer from the Philippines, but with the freshness and tanginess of the craft beers brewed in Europe. That’s what you get when you try the Guapito Premium Beer. From the makers of Luneta Ice CreamGuapito Beer offers a fresh, new flavor profile not only for Filipino beer lovers abroad, but also to all beer enthusiasts around the world. 

The concept of a Filipino brand beer started in 2018 when the couple with food development and marketing experience met homebrewer-friends in North Holland.


Guapito Premium Beer Calamansi-Lime

(White Beer)

Guapito Premium Beer Calamansi-Lime is a refreshing Filipino beer that brings a unique twist to traditional flavors. Infused with the distinct taste of calamansi, a popular citrus fruit in the Philippines, this beer offers a zesty and invigorating experience. The calamansi flavor, combined with a hint of lime, provides a crisp and tangy profile that sets it apart from typical brews. Perfect for hot tropical days, Guapito Premium Beer is crafted to deliver a fresh and vibrant drinking experience. Its light and bubbly texture makes it an ideal companion for Filipino cuisine, enhancing the flavors of various dishes. Whether you’re enjoying a casual gathering or a festive celebration, this calamansi-lime flavored beer is sure to bring a refreshing taste of the Philippines to your palate.

Pinoy brands Luneta ice cream at Guapito beer namamayagpag sa Netherlands

Sinubok man ng matinding hamon, nagbubunga na ngayon ang pagtitiyaga ng mag-asawang Pilipino na nakipagsapalaran sa the Netherlands. Meet Rhea Topacio at Dennis Rogacion, ang mag-asawang lumikha ng tatak Pinoy ice cream, flavorings, at beer ay ibinebenta ngayon sa Europa. Si Rhea ay tubong Las Piñas, habang si Dennis ay taga-Pasay. Matapos ang first year high school, si Dennis ay pinetisyon ng kanyang amang nasa the Netherlands noong 1993. Ipinagpatuloy roon ni Dennis ang pag-aaral hanggang sa makatapos ng kolehiyo. Si Rhea naman ay nasa marketing industry at kalaunan ay pumunta sa the Netherlands.

Taong 2010 nang ikasal sina Dennis at Rhea sa pamamagitan ng civil wedding. Habang may trabaho si Dennis, hindi naman pinalad si Rhea. Kaya after two years matapos ikasal at wala pang work, nag-focus si Rhea sa pagbi-bake na nauwi sa isang income-generating project. Masayang pagbabahagi ni Rhea, kasama si Dennis, sa episode ng Stories of Hope ng GMA Public Affairs noong September 19, 2021, “Pumatok siya. Mostly ang kliyente namin mga Dutch.”

Pinoy Couple Develop First Filipino Ice Cream And Beer In Netherlands, Won Int’l Prize

The Luneta Ice Cream and Guapito Beer, a product by Dennis Rogacion and Rhea Topacio, a Filipino couple who lives in Netherland, is becoming more popular in the said country, giving Pinoys in Europe a sweet taste of home.

Summer in the Philippines motivated the couple to create a brand of artisan ice cream, which named after the Luneta, also known as Rizal Park, a historical park recognized for being a great place to spend time with family, especially during the holidays.

“We want to offer everyone, Filipinos and Europeans alike, the kind of food that makes someone feel good. Our products give you that cozy feeling, whether you are having a bad day or enjoying a good time. For our Filipino customers, it gives them a sense of being home, a reminder of how home tastes like,” Rogacion stated on their website.

“A Couple” of Ideas in Life and Business

No Shortcuts

There are many couples who embark on different entrepreneurial adventures especially in the world of small and medium-sized businesses. For some, they are able to make it, and for others, for various reasons, eventually let go of their dream. It is challenging indeed to find that life partner and at the same time, your business partner with the same vision and values as yours.

Take it from Rhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion, a Pinoy entrepreneurial couple from the Netherlands who tell us that there are no magical shortcuts to success and entrepreneurial achievement, real entrepreneurs who started their businesses in a practical way, working their way up, and providing quality products to their customers in different countries. Their entrepreneurial initiatives as a couple mean a tremendous amount of hard work but in return give them a sense of fulfillment. Their distinctive driving force and love strengthen their synergy as they share life and dreams together.

“The only way to get started is to learn how to do something right, plan well and start working”, said Rhea.

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A Filipino Pride Brewed in the Netherlands​

In the world of beer connoisseurs and enthusiasts, Guapito Premium Beer has carved a niche for itself as a unique Filipino pride brew that defies geographical boundaries. Brewed with meticulous care and dedication in the Netherlands, this beer brand has successfully combined the rich Filipino heritage with the craftsmanship of European brewing, creating a product that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also fosters a sense of national pride among Filipinos worldwide.


Guapito Premium Beer ® 2024 Netherlands

A brand of Pamana World B.V.