‘Guapito Beer’, first Filipino-Dutch craft beer makes way in the Netherlands

Imagine tasting that familiar strong, blond beer from the Philippines, but with the freshness and tanginess of the craft beers brewed in Europe. That’s what you get when you try the Guapito Premium Beer. From the makers of Luneta Ice Cream, Guapito Beer offers a fresh, new flavor profile not only for Filipino beer lovers abroad, but also to all beer enthusiasts around the world.  The concept of a Filipino brand beer started in 2018 when the couple with food development and marketing experience met homebrewer-friends in North Holland.

“We always wanted to make our own brand of beer in the Netherlands,” – Rhea Topacio, co-founder of Guapito Beer said.

“Initially, we wanted a fruit beer, however, what we want has a shorter shelf life than the blond beers. Eventually, we decided to go for a blond beer with a refreshing and flavorful taste.”

This year, the brand Guapito Beer is finally out in the Netherlands and in some partner countries such as Luxembourg. It is a product born out of the founders’ love for craft beer, as well as love for their home country, the Philippines. The Guapito Beer, despite its strikingly masculine name, has a sharp but subtle and fruity kick, which caters to both men and women alike. With a 5.5% alcohol content, it delivers excellent taste with clear and clean flavor profiles, ending with a soft hint of zest. 

“We know Guapito Beer is a brand that many people can relate to. We are hoping that, with Guapito Beer, we will be able to help elevate the quality of Filipino products and brands outside the Philippines,” Topacio added. 

The Guapito Beer is a proud Filipino brand brewed in the Netherlands, which offers a familiar taste of home, but with better kick and flavors. 


For retailers in Europe, email us at brewers@guapitobeer.com