There is always time for one good beer.

Guapito Beer is the first Filipino Beer brand crafted in the Netherlands. From the makers of Luneta Ice Cream, this blond beer offers a fresh new taste for the Filipino palate. Guapito beer is unlike the typical Filipino brands available in the market. It boosts its flavor of natural beer sharpness and yet leaves a soft zest in the end. 

It is indeed your premium quality beer that is meant to enjoy till the last drop.”

'Guapito Beer’, first Filipino-Dutch craft beer makes way in the Netherlands

Imagine tasting that familiar strong, blond beer from the Philippines, but with the freshness and tanginess of the craft beers brewed in Europe. That’s what you get when you try the Guapito Premium Beer. From the makers of Luneta Ice CreamGuapito Beer offers a fresh, new flavor profile not only for Filipino beer lovers abroad, but also to all beer enthusiasts around the world. 

The concept of a Filipino brand beer started in 2018 when the couple with food development and marketing experience met homebrewer-friends in North Holland.

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